Garrie Davislim spielt überzeugend, steht seine große Partie bravourös durch und behält bis zum Schluss die Kraft zu ihrer farbigen emotionalen Ausgestaltung. Opernwelt 2012
Garrie Davislim spielt überzeugend, steht seine große Partie bravourös durch und behält bis zum Schluss die Kraft zu ihrer farbigen emotionalen Ausgestaltung.Opernwelt 2012

"As Rodolfo, impressive at the Premiere performance, Garrie Davislim, with an engaging and intelligently crafted interpretation... succeeded Davislim with intensive creative power an enthralling analysis of the part, always malleable with the articulation and with secure and flawless high-notes.“ Coburger Tageblatt 2010

"Garrie Davislim delivers his Rodolfo, with a most pleasant fineness, soaring emphatically, all the while clearly audible“ Opernwelt 2012

"Garrie Davislim as Almaviva, is precise and secure in all details of his coluratura." 
Opernglas 2012 

"His Lyonel grew from scene to scene right up to the climatic 'Ach so fromm, ach so traut', which he satisfyingly delivered“
Die Neue Presse

"Garrie Davislim could with warmth, convey strong emotion as he showed with 'Che gelida manina', and in the closing moments of Act 1 and Act 4. Tenorial clarity unfolded with the high-notes" 
Die Neue Presse

"From the men in the cast, vocally satisfying was Garrie Davislim as Tamino.“ 
Münchener Tages Zeitung

"...and Garrie Davislim exuded as the beautifully voiced Steuermann, melting youthfulness.“ Opernglas

"Garrie Davislim is an excellent lyric tenor“ Nordbayerischer Merkur

"Garrie Davislim as Tamino is vocally smooth, clear and beautifully timbered, and earnest acting-wise, who never forced neither vocally nor with his acting." 
Münchener Merkur


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